Director Message

Dear Parents

Welcome to Krishna Kids Academy: a school that promotes values believes in self-discipline and motivates its pupils to have an every for excellence. We strongly believe that every child is a winner and must be cherished and nurtured with utmost gentleness and understanding as each child is unique and must be given the opportunity to wonder, explore, think, create express and bloom. At Krishna Kids Academy, children grow together in a world of joy and fun filled learning.

A school is always a "world in miniature" where one receives 'training for life' where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place. We try to create situations where young ones challenges their own abilities and discover the hidden knowledge within; they realize the power that has been bestowed upon them by the nature and use that power to create peace and happiness. They learn to express themselves. A sculptor chisels a stone into a sculpture akin to a teacher who helps students to unearth their innate & latent potential.

Our education is aimed not only at churning out success stories but also Endeavour's to make our children sensitive and humane to reach out in love and service. It's a matter of honor for me that i have been chosen by Lord Almighty for his noble work of nurturing young ones. Every moment, with kids is a learning experience and this joy of learning keeps our drive and spirits high.

I am sure that this tiny hands that walk in by holding hands of their grandparents and teachers, one day will be strong enough to hold this planet. It's my belief that these tiny feet one day will be strong enough to support the struggling ones, these innocent hearts will be courageous enough to rule over the world with their humanity & these young minds will be able to see beyond the unseen. The children of the school evolves as well-rounded individuals who will go out into the world with strength, not only to reach but excel in their professionals aspirations and will remain beautiful human beings.

I am happy that my team of devoted teachers is dedicated in building characters and will always be a beacon of light guiding the destiny of its students while radiating kindness and compassion, the essence of life.

I believe "When planning for a year-sow corn, when planning for a decade-plant trees, when planning for life-train and educate children"