The Classroom : The classroom are well ventilated and specially equipped with child friendly furniture.

Toy Room : The toys provided to the children help to develop concepts building, imagination and thinking power.

Activity Room : Kids enjoy doing various activities guided by teachers.

Library : All our kids need an opportunity to know the world. The wide ranges of books are provided to our kids.

The Movie Hall : The A/V room is equipped with LCD projector and a bank of cd on various topics which is an entertaining way to learn.

The Play Area : Area specially designed for children which are eco-friendly, provides facilities for amusement and fun.

Health Check Up : The entire body systems have to be in perfect condition in order to take out an outstanding performance. Regular health check up by a team of doctors is done in the school which keeps record of each student's growth. We also request our parents for a master health checkup of their wards once in a year for the betterment of their kid's health.

Open Air Class Room : This is a part of strategy to ensure that students must develop love for nature. Hence activities & class are held outside in such fashion which ensure their relationship with the nature.

Excursion : We arrange excursions for kids to enhance their practical knowledge by seeing the outer world with their eyes. It's very exciting for kids that from school they go to on this small yet enjoyable journey.

Bus Facility : Kids Academy provides bus facility for its students on selected routes. The buses are equipped with modern safety device.