Krishna Kids Academy, Shalindra Nagar, Raipur Krishna Kids Academy, Shalindra Nagar, Raipur Krishna Kids Academy, Shalindra Nagar, Raipur

Welcome to Krishna Kids Academy

At Krishna Kids Academy we don't do different things,we just do things differently.Here every child is given the gift of childhood.No hurry,No race,No stress,because we believe that the only race your child should be in,is the human race.

It has its branches at Bhilai,Raipur & Bilaspur.

The motto of Krishna Kids Academy is "Ignite,Enlighten,Reflex".Every child is unique in his or her own way.Kids Academy stives to foster the intellectual,social,emotional,physical,spiritual and aesthetic development of the kids and thus ensure the quality of their life.


The school is vested with an Educational Society and has a Managing Committee headed by the Chairman Mr. M.M Tripathi, who is a person with life long experience in the field of education.The Managing Director Mr. Anand Kumar Tripathi is in-charge of the over-all administration.

Director of Krishna Public School Mr. Ashutosh Tripathi,Director of Krishna Kids Academy Mrs.Sharmila Sur and the Principal of Krishna Public School Mrs.Priyanka Tripathi join their voices in one unison to raise kids dedicated towards human promotion, providing an environment where kids recieve not only the formal element of schooling but more, broadly, an integral human formation based upon the teachings of overall development and our kids are assisted by well qualified,experienced and dedicated team that includes experienced academicians,education promoters,managerial and supervisiory staff.

In Raipur, we have three more branches of Kids Academy, Shankar Nagar(Behind Bottle house), Sunder Nagar, HiraPur.

Our Students

To enhance quality of education in the life of students,the students are prepared for active and independent learning in an appropriate environment so that it can be easily understood.Clear understanding gives sheer joy.This joy makes each learner at school....."A Learner for life..."

Our Teachers

Our teachers are professionals who are fully experienced in their area of work and have the ability to impart knowledge and skills accurately and lead our students to successful learning processes both in theory and practice.Our teachers are fully dedicated towards their work and give individual attention towards each student.